Hi, and welcome to my portfolio. As an ENJMIN student (The graduate school of games and interactive media) I started working on vidéo game in 2012 as a graphic designer. As a self taught, I study 3D since 2009, at first with Blender, then with Zbrush. I worked with 3DS max for 2 years now.
As a graphic designer, I am able to work with high and low poly model, make the texturing with photoshop Xnormal and crazy bump. I am also able to build an efficient rig for animation. I am also used to work with Unity 3D, from integrating assets to FX creation with the particules system.
Being student and working on real project at ENJMIN teach me how to work with multidisciplinary team and the ability to communicate with programmers and game designers.
You will be able to discover more about my work on ARTSTATION, or by following me on the different social media linked on the left and bottom of the page.


And check out the website of my ongoing project, the alpha is available.Work in progress here.